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Understanding What’s ELO Boosting in League of Legends


To understand what is ELO boosting in League of Legends (LoL), we must first get an insight into the basic functionalities of the ELO ranking system used in rank matches in League of Legends. The ELO ranking system is a game mechanic that uses algorithms to calculate the overall skill level of different players during match making from various rank queues. As League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), it is a large and growing platform of competitive players battling against each other.

The term “Elo Boosting” is when you acquire a third party service that deals with boosting a player’s Elo rank in the game. An example of a professional Elo Boosting service is the Boosteria Organization. The process involves having someone else gaining access to a player’s account and working to improve their Elo rate. While it may not necessarily mean finding someone more skilled than you to help you out by playing on your account, Elo Boosting also includes playing on a lower level account with many other players that are significantly lower level than the player to accompany them in duo-queue matches.

Even though it is an easy way to get your Elo rate boosted, however, it is also frowned upon in the LoL community as this practice is believed to be damaging the players interests as it disrupts the game’s matchmaking system. This includes having lower-skilled players to play against a secretly superior player whom are using boosters. There has been a series of updates made by the game on the use of boosters within the game. Ban incidents on the use of boosting has been made on North American pro players in 2013. However, recently, the LoL community is in doubt whether the ban wave still exists on boosters.

While there are plenty of Elo boosting services to choose from, players should also be wary of the potential consequences in the possible event of getting ban from Elo boosting.