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Road Biking during Winter


As we approach the festive holidays with Christmas lights and fallen snow, cold weather gives cyclists a challenge given dangerous road conditions. But you shouldn’t let the coming cold season to stop you from cycling. Be fully prepared for the weather by being aware of the hazards along the road and how to make yourself comfortable for the cold morning.

The most important part to prepare for winter riding is having thermal, windproof, and waterproof clothing that can keep you warm and dry on roads. Choosing carefully on the type of winter clothing to layer up can give you comfort while riding. Opt for clothing that is made for cycling as these will guarantee to fit you from the constant movement you’ll be doing.

Next, understand that tire punctures are a common occurrence during winter riding. Roads are more slippery, scattered with glass and thorns that make their way to stab your inner tubes from your tires during an inconvenient point of the ride. Get yourself a toolkit and learn how to use them. Check that you have a working pump and at least two spare tubes to work with to get yourself going. Having a poor quality bike that has had constant rundowns during the cold weather is not very safe for winter roads. Consider upgrading your road bike from a store specialized in road bikes or going on websites such as for a quality alternative for winter.

While there are other more specific requirements to make yourself ready for winter, be sure to have a sensible route in mind that matches the forecasted weather. Always bring your phone and money just in case an emergency emerges. Avoid cycling during snowy weathers and leave that to an experienced professional. We wouldn’t want you to miss out enjoying the festive season with an injury.