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Mental Health’s Importance in Today’s World – A Psychologist’s Perspective


A growing recognition of this fact, “mental health is essential to a individual’s overall wellbeing, crucial to private well-being and conducive to resulting in to a balanced and productive life” probably contributes to the reality that about 15 percent of our nation’s population today use some kind of mental health services in any particular calendar year. The fact that almost one in five Americans has been affected with a mental illness strengthens the understanding, “few Americans are afflicted by mental illness”, whether indirectly or directly.

Clinical stress and clinical melancholy are real, treatable conditions that interfere with an individual’s overall well-being and capacity to perform a lot of the things which they would otherwise like. A suffer of clinical depression might no longer “snap out of it,” compared to an individual experiencing a seizure gets the will-power to quit carrying a seizure.

Mental ailments include clinical stress disorders, the most frequent type of mental illness, and influence over 10 percent of all Americans yearly. Nearly 25 percent of Americans will endure an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. Across the nation provide free local stress screenings, as a portion of each October, nationwide websites off complimentary screenings for depression, as a part of national depression screening day.

If you know someone or your loved one is having a mental health condition, help them. Purchase a weighted blanket Australia for them to be relaxed, calm and have a good sleep.