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Korea s Shut Down Law


South Korea’s Shut Down Law

While it is known that South Korea has a thing for having games as a social activity, the South Korean government has taken action against the country’s internet addiction due to it being a serious problem. Even so, the government still supports the country’s rapid technological advancements. However, they stated that the country must also acknowledge unhealthy obsessions and the effects that come from these advancements.

In 2011, the South Korean government created the Shutdown Law which forbids users that are under 16 years of age to be on their computer playing video games between 12 am until 6 am. During this period, access 토토먹튀 to video games is only available to those who have a social security number. However, the law only affects computer games and not console gamers or mobile phones. Children who are affected by the shutdown law eventually found ways to pass it by using their parent’s identification number instead. Even if they didn’t have access to computers in the first place, addiction also takes place with smartphone games as well. This makes the shutdown law quite ineffective to children supervised by casual parents compared to those who are more strict for their children’s behaviors.

The shut down law doesn’t affect adults, but they still have addiction issues in video games, especially with MMO. The rise in gaming addiction in the country has been attributed to the abundance of MMO game releases as well as websites that are dedicated to reviewing them such as Toto and Eats (토토먹튀). Toto and Eats is a online system that is named after the combination of two Korean words,Toto (토토) and eats (먹튀). Also known as “The Eating Site” (먹튀사이트), Toto and Eats aims to provide legitimate means to verification (먹튀검증) of MMO games as well as reviews of games as a prominent verification website (먹튀검증사이트).

The shutdown law has went through various changes, one of them involves requests from parents to lift the ban.