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Posts published in “Day: August 15, 2018”

Straight Razor Shaving Gives You the Longest Lasting Shave


Thousands and thousands of guys wake up daily, jump from bed, smear some shaving cream on their faces, and start scratching away in their face utilizing their multi knife razor. Just so long as you do not count the hundreds of dollars you’ll be spending a lifetime of blade refills.

Quite a few men fear that they’ll horribly scar themselves should they use a straight razor. Well it’s a fact that you have to be somewhat cautious when first knowing how to use a straight razor. However, when you’ve turned into a practiced user compared to the possibility of cutting yourself shouldn’t be a massive issue anymore.

Now in the event that you’ve determined that this kind of shaving is right for you. There are couples things are you going to want to comprehend. The most necessary step you’ll have to know is care of your investment. After all of the initial investment of buying a straight razor can be expensive – but well worthwhile.

Caring for it drops into comprehension two new surgeries named stropping and bolstering. Stropping is the use of a leather strop to maintain the razor sharp. You will normally strop as speedily as required to keep the blade sharp. Then it’s time to re-hone back your blade to some keen cutting edge.

When buying a new right razor its best if you search for a luxury shaving kit. A shaving group will include different accessories which can maximize your shaving experience.