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Posts published in “Day: August 9, 2018”

Obtaining Contact Numbers Online


To be able to find someone’s phone number on the internet is no easy task. Cell phone numbers are private and there is no public directory which lists down cell phone numbers to replace those old printed phone books. However, there are a few for you to succeed with business phone numbers being the easier task.

There is no fail proof way to obtain someone’s phone number online, one method is to browse through their social media profile pages for it. For example, if you are friends with the person on Facebook, you may be able to find their phone number there. When you navigate through their profile page, you probably would be able to see their phone number under Contact Information by clicking About > Contact and Basic Info. However, this only works if they have chosen to display that information publicly with their Facebook friends.

Business phone calls are easier to obtain ask most businesses want you to call them, so they would advertise their numbers very publicly. Most businesses commonly display they phone numbers in an easy to find place such their they website. You can basically head to the business’s website and click the tabs under “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” to get their phone number. Smaller business, like a restaurant or cafe, that do not have their own websites would usually use social media to promote their business. As such, you may also obtain their contact numbers through their page.

If you were not able to obtain the person’s phone number, it is likely because they would generally have it kept private and closely guarded. We should all be protective when sharing our own phone numbers as criminals might be able to obtain our personal information such as home address through a reverse phone lookup. If you really need to regularly contact someone, then it would be best to ask for their phone number directly.