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Posts published in “Day: January 8, 2018”

How does a Smartphone GPS work?


The GPS system in smartphones is used almost every day by busy people rushing to find the fastest route to work or finding directions to a place they’ve never been before. This is only possible if your phone has global position system (GPS) receivers integrated into the hardware. And lucky for smartphone users, they’re able to search for directions anytime and anywhere.

A GPS receiver works with radio waves. It operates by communicating with the satellites that orbit the Earth in Space. While there are 27 GPS satellites that are currently in orbit, only 24 of them are active where the additional 3 works as an emergency backup just in case a satellite breaks. For your phone to identify your current location, it will use the GPS receiver to find the location of the 3 closest satellites orbiting above you and also your location in relation to those 3 satellites.  From there, the GPS receiver will then draw a circle around the three satellites located, which in return, will be your location.

Having a GPS system is very important in our daily lives and developers have made apps that utilize GPS in a more innovative way such as being able to track your food delivery, the location of your uber driver, and also your missing phone. Apps like these are incredibly powerful and useful. In Germany, a developer has created a “Handy Orten” app, which translates to a phone locating application that allows users to track phones easily. The “handy orten app” also called “Handy Orten Ohne app”,  or the smartphone location app allows people to look for others by tracking their phones in the case of an emergency.

It’s better to store away the huge paper map and invest in a smartphone instead. With technology like that, you’ll be able to find more than just places that you want to go.