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Posts published in “Day: January 4, 2018”

Fun Photo Editor Face for Kids


Kids are always curious about everything, even for themselves. But we can’t really blame their young minds as adults are also quite curious and occasionally obsessed with their looks. We’ve been through different photo editing apps for ourselves and if you have a little one close by, they might get interested in the buttons and sliders that you use to make yourself look beautiful. It is common to start teaching your kids at a young age and they do recognize symbols quickly through thorough engagement, but those symbols that you find your screen might not get them understand what they mean. Children are more likely to get more fun with photo editors that have vibrant and interactive elements, such as face filters.

Mobile apps such as Snapchat have fun face filters for kids to get a laugh at themselves as their face changes to humourous abnormalities. But this doesn’t mean the mobile industry didn’t take a chance to get kids to join in the fun. There are many apps in the mobile store where the name includes ‘funny’, ‘kids’ and ‘photo’. These apps are focused to let kids have fun with themselves with various cute and lively filters with sound effects that can keep them intrigued for hours. But still, adults shouldn’t keep them stuck forever on the phone, instead, let them join in the fun with you.

There also other types of photo editor face that has face swap effects. Photo editor face swaps could lead to a really funny experience and a fun session for you and a child. As children are so easily humored at the simplest things, just sharing something that looks so ordinary or complex to us, like the photo editors can spark some curiosity in them. In the end, they might even take up learning how to edit photos of their faces!

Sleepy’s and the Steinhoff Scandal


With the recent revelations of the Steinhoff scandal, Sleepy’s, a mattress chain under the company has lost more than fifty percent (50%) of their value following the resignation of its chief executive. Former CEO of Steinhoff International, Markus Jooste has lead Steinhoff International for almost 20 years and managed its expansion from a South African furniture firm to one of the world’s largest firms for selling household goods. Recently, he had opted for resignation almost immediately after discovering the accusations of suspected corruption within the company’s account books.

In 2016, Jooste saw potential in acquiring Sleepy’s, a mattress firm as a strategic move in penetrating American markets. This acquisition, which was finalized at a total of 2.4 billion euros dollars in the same year had stunned many analysts as it seemed like a poor prospect for profitability due to previous market disruptions by startups. In regards to this, Steinhoff also suffered high costs for contract termination with Tempur Sealy, a mattress maker. The furniture retailer has continued to delay announcements for results until further notices since then. Steinhoff has gained bad press left and right after investigations by the German state prosecutor concerning suspected accounting irregularities that took place in 2015. These prosecutors in Oldenburg, Germany, who has authority over Steinhoff’s Frankfurt headquarters will be ones to watch in terms of any results from probing the accused firm.

In response to the accusations, Steinhoff news  has been oriented around defending themselves, initially denying all accusations against the firm, and later assuring that their profits were taxed correctly and associated revenues were booked correctly. The South African arm of the auditing firm, Deloitte has been under fire for verifying the legitimacy of the values. To this day, it remains unclear the specific irregularities that caused an uproar in the International news.